Bozeman, Montana

The Team
  • The Bozeman office of TD&H is a fun group of hard working engineers, surveyors, inspectors and technicians who understand the value of working as a team with our clients. We enjoy living in the Gallatin Valley and working for small towns, school districts, architects, Montana State University, private, commercial and industrial clients. TD&H and staff have been working in Bozeman and the surrounding area since the 1950s.

    • • Civil Engineering
    • • Geotechnical engineering
    • • Environmental engineering and industrial hygiene
    • • Water and wastewater systems
    • • Stormwater
    • • Streets and roads
    • • SPCC plans
    • • Water resources engineering
    • • Water rights
    • • Commercial, industrial, residential and institutional site development
    • • Materials testing & inspection
    • • Mining & rail facilities
    • • Municipal engineering
    • • Surveying
    • • SWPP development and administration
    • • Hydrology and hydraulics
    • • Construction management
    • • GIS, Civil 3D, and Revit
  • TD&H Engineering
    Bozeman Regional Office
    234 East Babcock, Suite 3
    Bozeman, Montana 59715
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    Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

    Phone (406) 586-0277

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  • Kyle Scarr, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Geotechnical/Regional Manager/Vice President

    Kyle is a geotechnical engineer who specializes in foundation investigations, slope stability, as well as general civil engineering design. He manages projects such as land developments, site plans, street, grading, drainage, water and sewer improvements. Kyle has a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from Montana State University and has been with TD&H Engineering since 2005.

    Keith Waring, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Civil/Vice President

    Keith has been with TD&H Engineering since 1996. His project management experience includes railroads, flood response, subdivisions, water and sewer system improvements, streets and roads, site plans, grading and drainage. Keith has an MS in civil engineering from Montana State University.

    Ahren Hastings, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil & Geotechnical

    Ahren has 8 years experience in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering.  His experience includes CAD drafting and design, construction management and testing, soils investigation, pavement analysis, civil site design, dam and levee remediation design, and seepage and stability analysis.  Ahren has been with TD&H since 2013 and has a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

    Cody Croskey, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil & Environmental

    Cody is a registered professional engineer with 7 years of experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His areas of expertise include civil infrastructure design, storm water management, water resource engineering, and construction project oversight. He also has experience in health and safety plan development, construction surveying, environmental remediation, and stream restoration projects. He is a certified floodplain manager through the Association of State Floodplain Managers. Cody joined the TD&H team in 2016 and has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Montana State University.

    Matt McGee, P.E.
    Engineer- Civil & Environmental

    For over 7 years, Matt’s versatility has made him a valuable asset to TD&H Engineering’s Bozeman staff. Matt is a project engineer experienced in water modeling and civil design, surveying, construction management, and inspection. Matt also provides environmental remediation and wetland delineation services. With a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, he is the primary environmental contact for the region. He holds 9 total years of engineering experience.

    Derek Christensen, E.I.
    Engineer- Civil

    Derek is a Civil Engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Boise State University. He worked at the island of Saipan gaining experience with water/wastewater engineering, project management, leak detection, and site inspections of wastewater treatment plants and lift stations. Since joining TD&H in 2013, his experience has broadened to include construction surveying, staking, and construction materials testing. His design experience includes civil, utility layout, water/wastewater engineering, and geotechnical subsurface investigations. Derek is proficient with basic AUTOCAD 2013 and basic AUTOCAD Civil 3D.

    Martha O’Rourke, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    Martha is an Engineer Intern (EI) and graduate of ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science program in Civil Engineering backed by successful internships and full-time construction experience and knowledge of project estimating, construction drawings, survey, site design, construction project management, construction plans, engineering theories, principles,standards, and specifications.

    Brendan Elkins, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    Brendan is a graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. Brendan is an Engineer Intern with over 2 years of experience before joining the TD&H team in 2016. His work experience entails construction inspection and materials testing, construction management, surveying, civil site design, wastewater collection systems, lift stations, and water distribution systems. Brendan also coaches youth hockey for the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association.

    Lincoln Jamrog, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    With over 15 years of experience in the residential construction industry, Lincoln pursued a degree and graduated from Montana State University in 2017. He has been with TD&H Engineering since 2016 as a civil engineer who specializes in concrete, soils, field engineering, and civil design.

    Ryan Drake
    Construction Project Representative

    Ryan has worked for TD&H Engineering since 2001.  His work experience includes plan production with AutoCAD and Land Development Desktop.  Ryan also excels in the areas of drafting, designing, surveying, testing, construction inspection and monitoring services.

    Steve Anderson, P.L.S.
    Professional Land Surveyor

    Steve joined TD&H Engineering in 1996, having eight years of prior surveying experience. He is registered in Montana and has had a variety of experience in boundary, topographic, construction and engineering surveys.

    Brad Tainer, L.S.I.
    Land Surveying Intern

    Brad has been employed by TD&H since 2013 and is involved in many projects to include surveys for railroad, construction and property boundaries.  He primarily works with GPS and Nikon Total Stations to complete his work and is currently seeking his professional land surveyor license.

    Colin Brady
    Surveying Intern

    Colin has 4 years of experience in surveying and aids in all boundary, topographic, construction and engineering surveys. His work involves the use of Nikon Total Stations and GPS for complete accuracy.  He is currently working towards getting his professional land surveyor license.

    Crystal Kramer
    Administrative Assistant

    Crystal provides regional administration since joining the TD&H team in 2015. She is involved in everything from internal processes to final deliverables, with an eye for quality assurance. She is a member of TD&H’s marketing team and facilitates procurement. In addition to her work and passion to make TD&H Engineering thrive, Crystal is a Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter and outdoor enthusiast.

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