Great Falls, Montana

The Team
  • Professionals in the Great Falls office of TD&H serve a diverse range of clients including rural water districts; large corporations; city, county, and state governments; and the Montana Air National Guard and Malmstrom Air Force Base.

    • • Transportation and Traffic
    • • Water Resources, Hydraulics and Hydrology
    • • Water Supply and Distribution
    • • Wastewater Collection and Treatment
    • • Structural
    • • Geotechnical
    • • Surveying
    • • Site Development
    • • Industrial Hygiene
    • • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    • • Landscape Architecture & Planning
    • • Grant Administration
    • • Public Involvement, Environmental Permitting, and Grant Writing
    • • Construction Management and Inspection
    • • AASHTO-Accredited Construction Materials Testing Laboratory



  • TD&H Engineering
    Great Falls Regional Office
    1800 River Drive North
    Great Falls, Montana 59401
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    Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

    Phone (406) 761-3010
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  • Wade DeBoo, P.E. & Principal
    CEO/President / Regional Manager

    Wade is TD&H Engineering’s CEO/President as well as the Regional Manager for the Great Falls office. He has over two decades of experience in civil engineering and has played a key role in the design, production and management of countless projects since joining the firm in 2000. Wade has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in hydraulics and is an invaluable member of the TD&H team.

    Dustin Nett, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Civil

    Dustin is a registered engineer with a Masters Degree emphasizing environmental engineering.  For 19 years, Mr. Nett has provided design, construction management, grant writing, grant administration and project management for several public and private utility, stormdrain, roadway, site design, environmental remediation and subdivision projects throughout MT and the US.


    John Juras, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Civil

    John’s career has spanned a broad range of civil engineering disciplines and activities, he has extensive experience is all phases of engineering project execution including project development, engineering studies, design and construction management. In 32 years of engineering, John has planned, designed and managed the construction of roadways, water systems, sanitary and storm sewers, water and sewer treatment systems, and many other facilities.


    Loran Frazier, P.E.
    Transportation Department Manager

    Loran has over 34 years of experience working in the transportation field, including work on nationally recognized large-scale projects. During this 27-year career at the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), he was involved in many firsts and award-winning projects while he served in several different capacities as designer, CADD Manager, Preconstruction Services Engineer, District Administrator, and Chief Engineer. He spent 2.5 years getting a $1.2 Billion-dollar project permitted, designed and ready bid in Alaska and has a little over 5 years working as a consultant in MT.   Mr. Frazier is TD&H Engineering’s lead transportation engineer.

    Jeremy Miller, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil/Transportation

    Jeremy joined the TD&H team in June of 2014 and his primary responsibilities are civil project management, roadway design, construction management and inspection and geotechnical investigations and analyses. He has experience working with many design programs such as Civil3D and MicroStation/GEOPAK/OpenRoads. Jeremy has 20 years’ experience in the construction industry and uses that knowledge gained to produce practical engineering designs.

    Nate Young, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil

    Nate is a professional civil engineer with design and field experience in hydraulics, hydrology, water, wastewater, site development, soils, and transportation design.  Nate’s experience includes modeling, preparation of plans and contract documents, preparation of design reports, surveying, field investigations, and construction administration. He is proficient in several design and modeling software, which include AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA), MicroStation, HY-8, FishXing and multiple other software.

    Camille Johnson, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil

    Camille has been a licensed professional engineer at TD&H Engineering since 2012. Her experience includes materials testing, preliminary planning and final project design. She has participated in the design of municipal and commercial sites, rural irrigation improvements, roadways, storm and sanitary sewer networks and water treatment systems.

    Nicole Rediske, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    Nicole earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University in 2012 and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Engineering in 2014.  Since joining the TD&H team in 2015, she has worked with senior engineers on various projects including wastewater treatment, storm water management and sanitary sewer and water distribution design.

    Debi Pace, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    Debi performs a wide range of tasks at TD&H including design of water distribution and wastewater collection systems, preparation of bidding documents and specifications, and project cost estimates. Responsibilities include Federal and State grant preparation for utility projects, construction grant administration and project oversight. She also works in the industrial hygiene and environmental department of TD&H. Environmental work includes research and preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, NEPA and MEPA investigations, Categorical Exclusions and numerous other environmental documents to meet various government agency requirements. Industrial hygiene work includes asbestos inspection, sampling and reporting.

    Bill Colenso, E.I.
    Engineer - Civil

    Bill has over 41 years of engineering experience involving a wide variety water resource and watershed projects. He also has experience in designing and installing various irrigation structures and systems.

    Craig Nadeau, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Geotechnical

    Craig is a registered professional engineer with a decade of experience and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering with a Geotechnical focus. He also has experience in construction field and laboratory testing related to geotechnical engineering and construction. Craig is experienced in planning and conducting geotechnical investigations using multiple methods including conventional augered borings, test pits, and Cone Penetration Testing. He is experienced in projects related to the design of roads and pavements, railroads, bridges, and foundations. He also has experience evaluating and assessing slope stability issues, expansive soils, and soft compressible soils. Craig is TD&H Engineering’s Geotechnical Department Manager.

    Rodney Blake, P.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Structural

    Rodney has structural experience with all structures including bridges, roofs, tanks, foundations, buildings, etc. He is a structural engineer licensed in the states of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Vermont and Idaho. He is also licensed in several Canadian provinces. He was hired by TD&H in 1999 and is the Structural Department Manager.

    Kyle Palagi, P.E.
    Engineer - Structural

    Kyle is a licensed professional engineer specializing in structural engineering. He has a wide variety of project experience including commercial buildings, seismic retrofits, education facilities, worship facilities, and industrial structures. Kyle holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in civil and structural engineering from Montana State University. He takes a practical approach to design while implementing creative solutions that help our clients bring their vision to reality.

    Jana Cooper, PLA & Principal
    Landscape Architecture & Planning Manager

    Jana is a Professional Landscape Architect with over a decade of experience in planning, landscape architecture and design. She has contributed to the design, production and management of the planning and landscape architecture department since joining TD&H. Ms. Cooper has managed a wide range of projects through all stages of development. She has worked on many public and private projects and has strong skills related to comprehensive planning, land development and high level design. Jana Cooper has worked on projects from Montana to Arizona as well as internationally including projects in Australia, London, China and the Middle East.

    Dan Kenczka, P.L.S. & CFedS
    Surveying Department Manager

    Dan joined TD&H Engineering in 1984 and is the firm’s Surveying Department Manager. He has experience in topographic, cadastral, ALTA, boundary and surveys with plat preparation as well as construction staking. He has performed numerous railroad, road and bridge surveys, data collection and design surveys for streets, parking lots, storm drainage and sanitary sewer renovation or replacement. Dan is skilled in the use of electronic measurement and data collection equipment.

    Bob Stangler, P.L.S.
    Professional Land Surveyor

    Bob’s experience includes working on all previous MDT term contract projects, data collection and design surveys for streets, parking lots, storm drainage and sanitary sewer renovation or replacement. Bob is skilled in the use of electronic measurement and data collection equipment. TD&H uses GPS and electronic survey instruments. Bob has been with TD&H since 1983.

    Kevin Violette

    Kevin is a recent civil engineering technician graduate from Highlands College Montana and is currently working toward his professional land surveyor licence.

    Cheyney Lorenz
    Lab Supervisor/ Construction Manager

    Cheyney is the Director of Lab Operations. He oversees all construction materials testing, quality control, and construction management activities for the TD&H Certified Materials Testing Laboratory. Beyond his laboratory oversight duties, Cheyney provides field inspection for various utility and earthwork construction projects. Mr. Lorenz has been with TD&H since 1995 most recently as a Construction Manager. He has an Associates of Science degree in Civil Engineering & Survey Technology from North Dakota State College of Science.

    Joel Snider
    Construction Materials Laboratory Technician

    Joel has over five years of experience in surveying and construction materials testing. His primary duties involve field and laboratory testing. He has performed a variety of field tests at military, commercial and residential job sites, including missile sites, armories, pipelines, airports, highways, hotels, warehouses, schools, retention basins and earthen dams.

    Mike Schmit
    Construction Materials Testing Technician

    Mike is responsible for scheduling field personnel and laboratory testing and for daily implementation of the laboratory quality management system. He has performed a variety of field tests at military, commercial and residential job sites, including missile sites, armories, pipelines, airports, highways, hotels, warehouses, schools, retention basins and earthen dams. Mike also performs various geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratory tests on soil, aggregate, asphaltic, cementitious and other materials.

    Katie Rediske
    Construction Materials Testing & Environmental Technician

    Katie has a background in land reclamation, environmental field work, and construction materials testing. She performs ground water monitoring field work and storm water management and wetlands work. Katie works on spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans and Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs) and is an accredited asbestos inspector. She also maintains the quality assurance program for TD&H’s accredited construction materials testing laboratory.

    Taylor Rodger
    Construction Project Representative

    Taylor has been employed by TD&H Engineering since 2014. He has been instrumental in maintaining construction quality for several school construction projects in Havre this past year. He has become very familiar with the area and the people. Taylor is responsible for assuring that the quality of the work meets or exceeds the project’s contractual requirements, and maintains the standard of excellence established by TD&H Engineering and the City of Havre. He keeps meticulous records of each project he is oversees.

    Cody Dean
    Construction Project Representative

    In 2014, Cody joined TD&H Engineering as a Construction Project Representative. He spent a year at our Watford City office and in 2016, moved back to Great Falls and is currently fulfilling a position for a contract TD&H has with Malmstrom Air Force Base.

    Steve Goff
    Construction Project Representative

    Steve has over 18 years of construction inspection experience involving a wide variety of systems and materials.  Projects have included; highways, parking lots, buildings, signs, water sheds and storm drains.

    Peter Klevberg, P.E.
    Engineer - Environmental Manager

    Mr. Klevberg has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in geology, mining, geotechnical, hydrogeology, construction materials testing, structural analysis and design, petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, asbestos, lead-based paint, hazardous waste, indoor air quality, mold, radon and industrial noise exposure.  Peter oversees construction materials testing, environmental, and industrial hygiene personnel, and he often does field work on complex projects with overlapping requirements, potentially saving time and money for clients.

    Oran Grotbo
    Industrial Hygiene Specialist

    Oran provides field and laboratory inspection and construction materials testing (CMT) services, including in-place field density tests (soils and asphalt), field concrete tests (slump, air, casting cylinders and beams), asphalt/concrete coring, concrete strength tests, laboratory moisture density curves, gradations, and liquid/plastic limit tests for municipalities, utility companies, and commercial, industrial, public and private facilities.  He also performs asbestos inspections, lead-based paint (LBP) inspections, abatement air monitoring/clearances and mold inspections on industrial hygiene projects in Montana.  Mr. Grotbo conducts environmental site assessments (ESAs), hydrocarbon/leaking underground storage tank (LUST) investigations/mitigations, stormwater runoff measurement, landfill investigations, indoor air quality assessments.

    Laura Hart, E.I.
    Engineer - Environmental

    Laura Hart’s career has included environmental engineering disciplines and activities. She has experience with spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plan preparation, petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, environmental site assessments, asbestos inspections, and asbestos and lead-in paint report preparation.

    Curt Swets
    CAD/GIS Manager

    Curt Swets is TD&H’s Corporate CAD/GIS Manager. He has a degree in GIS and Land Planning from Montana State University and has many years of GIS experience ranging from ecological landscape analysis to GIS consulting and mapping for the telecommunications industry. He oversees the day-to-day scheduling of drafting efforts and coordinates design and review for projects of varying types and sizes.

    Morris Carlson
    CAD Drafter/Designer

    Morris began working for TD&H Engineering in June, 1990.  Morris’s work experience has involved field surveys, material testing, monitoring and plan production using “CADD” (Computer Aided Drafting and design).

    Ruth Tuss
    CAD Drafter / Designer

    Ruth has been a drafter for TD&H since she was hired in 2001 and works primarily as a structural drafter utilizing programs such as AutoCad, Revit and Civil 3D for civil projects as needed.

    Kayla Palagi
    CAD Drafter/Designer

    Kayla began working for TD&H Engineering in August 2016.  As a drafter, she helps prepare technical drawings and plan sets for landscaping, construction, structural and civil engineering projects. She enjoys seeing the progress from conceptual drawings to completed infrastructure.

    Cindy Wojciechowski
    Administrative Manager

    Cindy was hired by TD&H Engineering in May of 2005. In addition to her work as the Administrative Manager, Cindy has provided field support for mold investigations and is an accredited asbestos inspector. She regularly compiles environmental data spreadsheets and assists with quality assurance and data checks. Her organizational skills are invaluable in enabling the company to provide high quality service.

    Mellissa Gilbert
    Administrative Assistant

    In 2012, Mellissa joined the TD&H team. She works alongside Cindy to ensure quality product and service are delivered to clients of TD&H as well as the engineers and support staff. She performs clerical work among various other tasks as needed. Mellissa is also a member of our Marketing Team and assists with various marketing tasks and helps to facilitate during the proposal process.

    Triston Burkstrand
    Administrative Assistant

    Triston began greeting TD&H clients in July 2015. She handles incoming and outgoing correspondence as well as answering the phones to get clients in quick contact with the staff at TD&H.

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