Spokane, Washington

The Team
  • TD&H Spokane has six licensed professional engineers (PEs) with over 50 total years of experience in the engineering profession.  They lead a team of qualified engineers, engineering technicians, CAD operators, surveyors and construction administration staff.

    We offer you a veteran staff with a thorough understanding of the project development process including but not limited to research and data gathering, preliminary design, environmental documentation, regulatory permit acquisition, water rights, construction drawings, construction specifications, bidding assistance, and construction engineering and construction contract administration.

    • Street, roadway, and stormwater system design
    • Water and wastewater system design
    • Structural engineering
    • Land surveying  and mapping
    • Commercial and residential site planning
    • Traffic planning
    • Geotechnical engineering and soil stabilization
    • Environmental documentation
    • Construction surveying
    • Construction contract administration
    • On-site construction inspection & material testing
  • TD&H Engineering
    Spokane Regional Office
    303 East 2nd Avenue
    Spokane, Washington 99202
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    Monday – Friday 8:00am -5:00pm

    Phone (509) 622-2888
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  • Steven Marsh, P.E. & Principal
    Vice President / Regional Manager

    Steve is the regional manager and civil engineer in our Spokane Office.  He is experienced commercial and residential land development, environmental documentation, and regulatory permit acquisition.  His experience includes 19 years of environmental and municipal permitting, residential, commercial and industrial land development, water, stormwater and wastewater system design, urban street and county roadway design, public involvement, construction administration, and client liaison.


    Marissa Siemens, P.E.
    Project Civil Engineer

    Marissa is a project engineer with seven years of engineering and construction experience.  She has been involved in projects ranging from municipal water systems, arctic drilling rigs, offshore oil and gas wells, and heavy civil construction. Marissa has demonstrated strong skills in engineering design, technical writing and project management. Her particular strengths include offshore oil and gas well design, project management and construction inspection.

    Harlan Engberg, P.E.
    Project Civil Engineer

    Harlan is a project engineer with six years of engineering and construction experience.  His experience includes projects ranging from municipal water and wastewater systems, transportation improvements, commercial, industrial, and residential land development.  Harlan has established strong skills in engineering design, technical writing and project management.  His particular strengths include site development, water and sewer systems, estimates, contract management, and construction inspection.

    Dan Wolf, P.E.
    Engineer - Civil

    Dan is a project engineer with 17 years of engineering and construction experience.  He has been involved in projects ranging from municipal water systems, transportation improvements, commercial and residential land development and heavy civil construction.  Dan has demonstrated strong skills in engineering design, technical writing and project management.  His particular strengths include site development, drainage, water systems, grant applications, estimates, contract management and construction inspection.

    Joe Reihman
    Civil Engineering Technician

    Joe is a civil engineering technician with over 23 years experience.  Joe has been involved in all phases of the civil engineering process including site surveying, design, drafting, inspection and construction.  His ten years in the United States Air Force has given him a wide range of experience in architectural, mechanical, structural and civil engineering.  He has been responsible for correspondence with agencies and clients, coordination of sub-consultants, and report writing.   Currently, Joe’s main responsibility as an engineering technician is drafting and design utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D.

    Karina McCafferty, AAAS-Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering Technician

    Karina is a civil engineering technician with 20 years experience. She has been involved in all facets of civil engineering with regard to residential and commercial projects, from preliminary site layouts to final design.  Currently, Karina’s responsibilities include civil drafting and design using Civil 3D, as well as survey drafting.

    Darryl Witter, P.L.S.
    Professional Land Surveyor

    Darryl is the Survey Project Manager for the Spokane office. He has 27 years in the surveying profession and is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in the States of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Arizona. He is in direct supervision of the field to office survey operations, with the use of Global Positioning Systems and Conventional Robotic instrumentation, and utilizes the most current data processing software with the use of Trimble Business Center and Civil 3D Auto-Cad drafting tools. Providing project management, client coordination, research, property descriptions, estimates and calculations. Darryl’s survey background, includes, but not limited to, Cadastral, Mineral, Sub-Division, ALTA/ACSM, Aerial Photometric Control, Site Design, As-Built, Topographic, Dam and Hydrographic surveys, as well as years of extensive municipal and private infrastructure and building construction surveying.

    Tony Stenlund, P.E., S.E. & Principal
    Engineer - Structural

    Tony began his career working construction.  He is a Principal at TD&H and currently heads the Structural department of the Spokane office.  He is an efficient engineer with a practical understanding of how things should be built.  He prides himself on having clear drawings, on being easy to get a hold of, and easy to work with.  Tony’s expertise is in light frame construction, concrete, and foundation design.

    Ted Bernards, P.E./S.E. LEED AP
    Engineer - Structural

    Ted is a project engineer with seven years of engineering and construction experience.  His design experience includes commercial structures, industrial structures, tanks, vaults, construction aids, and conveying equipment.  He enjoys working closely with clients to ensure that their expectations are met or exceeded while providing a comprehensive structural design.  Ted is an active member in the local SEAW chapter, and is a past-president.

    Lee French, P.E.
    Engineer - Structural Design

    Lee is a Senior Design Engineer with over 16 years’ experience performing structural calculations and preparing contract construction drawings for the design of commercial and residential building projects up to 100,000 S.F.  He has managed projects with design experience in wood, steel, light gauge steel, CMU, concrete and Post-Tensioned concrete throughout the United States.  Lee manages clients with dedication and responsiveness beginning with sound proposals with a clear view of project scope through solid design documents into construction completion. Lee is keenly aware of the importance of consistent communication between the owner, contractor, and architect from the project’s inception through its completion, emphasizing attention to design detail and project constructability.

    Caleb Erb, E.I.T.
    Structural Design

    Caleb is a structural E.I.T. with one year of engineering and construction experience.  His design experience includes commercial structures, residential structures, and concrete structures.

    Laurine Logerwell
    Administrative Assistant

    Laurine has 20 years of experience working in the engineering field. She provides administrative support to the office in a multitude of ways, including assisting in the compilation and assembly of specifications. Laurine received her A.A.S. in Clerical Studies and her A.A.S. in Secretarial Studies from Spokane Falls Community College.

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