Industrial Hygiene

TD&H’s Industrial Hygiene (IH) services keep workplaces safe and companies OSHA compliant. TD&H provides expertise with health and safety audits, worker exposure monitoring, testing for asbestos , lead and paint, and remediation services.

TD&H’s IH personnel perform investigations, project design and oversight, and clearance testing for microbial remediation, including bacteria and fungi. Our consulting services are cost-effective for complex projects with the benefit of guidance and review by qualified specialists in the field.

TD&H provides services for private and government entities for restoration, renovation, and demolition projects. Our firm’s IH personnel have experience monitoring workplace settings for silica, hydrogen sulfide, styrene, benzene, toluene, hexavalent chromium, lead, degradation byproducts, and other hazardous materials.

TD&H helps our clients manage asbestos risks by performing asbestos inspections and assisting with asbestos abatement project design and monitoring, including clearance monitoring using on-site phase contrast microscopy.

TD&H’s IH personnel perform surveys for lead-based paint and assist clients with the characterization of proposed waste streams for lead and other heavy metals, as well as arranging for proper abatement and disposal.

While it is impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores inside a structure, mold can be controlled by modifying the indoor environment. TD&H’s personnel are trained in mold inspection, bulk and surface sampling, and air monitoring to determine the type and quantity of fungi in commercial and residential structures. Mold inspections include an interpretation of sampling results and recommendations on abatement.

Indoor Air Quality can have significant impacts on the health and productivity of workers or residents. TD&H has extensive experience conducting IAQ investigations in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

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