Jayco Lift Station Improvements

Installed in 2007, the existing lift station could not meet the demands of recent growth in the area, attributed to a new Clif-Bar manufacturing facility. The City approached TD&H to design a second lift station and wet well that would be interconnected to the existing lift station, along with a building over the equipment. TD&H’s design included a phased approach that allowed the City to construct portions of the project as funds became available. Phase one of the construction included a tri-plex pump system and upsizing 3,000 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC gravity sewer to 12-inch by pipe bursting. There were inherent challenges with the design that included flow design range between 500 gpm to 2,000 gpm, and a rock depth of 23 feet in the area. The new triplex pump system uses the existing duplex system and wet well and installed a single pump in the new wet well along with new controls that will operate all three pumps. The design allows for the addition of pumps in the new wet well as development occurs.

Client Name

City of Twin Falls

Job Site Location

Twin Falls, Idaho