Malmstrom Air Force Base Wells

TD&H evaluated water supply, production, quality, treatment, and disposal options for MAFB’s 8 MAF. TD&H designed replacement water wells and treatment systems.

This project included 3 phases/task orders that had related design opportunities that addressed significant domestic water supply and treatment challenges at 8 Missile Alert Facilities. The projects included evaluating water supply, production, quality, treatment and waste disposal options for MAFB. Solutions included designing replacement water wells and treatment systems as best suited to each site. MEP Sub-consultant evaluated and designed appropriate power supplies and controls for the water supply and treatment systems.   

Hydrogeological investigations studied local stratigraphy, evaluation of ground water resources, interviews with landowners, and sampling of existing water wells. Well design required comprehensive knowledge of water well drilling, construction codes, practices, equipment, and well materials. The design of well and pumping systems in difficult formations and chemically challenging groundwater conditions required evaluating various treatment technologies to produce an optimum solution for each MAF.

TD&H designed replacement water wells for many of the MAFs and water treatment systems based on water quality data. Each water supply had individual challenges, some having excessive sodium, other ions and varying levels of undesirable contaminants.

State-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis treatment systems remove the contaminants and establish a consistent quality of drinking and domestic water for the MAFs. These systems require significant technology and equipment to allow for relatively easy controls using automation where appropriate. Some of the sites require iron and manganese removal.

Client Name

Malmstrom Air Force Base

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Various Locations