Blackfeet Community Water Project

Project Description

The Blackfeet Tribe created the Blackfeet Community Water Project to provide safe potable water to the communities of East Glacier and Browning. Water is withdrawn through an intake screen located at the bottom of Lower Two Medicine Lake approximately 1,500 feet from shore. A 22-inch polyethylene line was directionally drilled beneath the lake bottom to connect the screen to the on-shore intake pumping facility. The raw water intake has a design pumping capacity of 4.75 MGD. Water is pumped approximately 2.5 miles to the water treatment plant. Filtered water is then pumped to Browning and East Glacier through separate pipelines.

The water treatment plant has a current design production capacity of 3.45 MGD and can be expanded to 4.32 MGD in the future by the addition of filter cartridges within the existing tanks. The plant utilizes a Zenon Zeeweed 1000  ultrafiltration membrane system. Chlorine for disinfection and filter cleaning is provided by an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system. This plant went online in 2011 and is one of the first membrane filter plants within Montana.

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