Copper Basin Subdivision, Black Eagle

Project Description

TD&H Engineering provided services to NeighborWorks, a local non-profit organization, on a 22-lot subdivision in Black Eagle, MT. This project required initial conceptual planning through preliminary and final design, county subdivision processes, surveying and easements, permitting, and ultimately bidding and construction administration.  The subdivision has 21 residential lots and one lot for a private enterprise, site utilities including water, sewer, natural gas, telephone, and electric, and storm water conveyance and control.

In addition to traditional engineering services, TD&H Engineering led a comprehensive public awareness campaign that included several meetings with the local civic club, fire department, water and sewer district, county planning department, planning board, and commission.  Work on this project also required close coordination and communication with numerous County, State and Federal agencies in order to provide our client a successful outcome.

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  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Administration
  • Geotechnical
  • Land & Site Development
  • Surveying