Construction Administration

TD&H provides inspection personnel with expertise as required to meet the needs of the construction activities. Our personnel are responsible for documentation of the quality of construction to assure compliance with the approved project plans, specifications, and other construction regulations. We consider ourselves a full-service civil engineering firm, assisting our clients through all phases of their projects, from concept development through construction completion.

TD&H provides its services as a part of a team effort. Members of the team include agents of the Owner, engineering consultants, TD&H and the successful bidder (Contractor). We will assure that all parties to the contract understand the importance of providing quality work, timeliness and budget constraints. It has been our experience that by working together, the Owner can be assured of receiving a quality product.


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Our Project Responsibilities Include:

  • Pre-Construction Conference
  • Construction Contract Administration;
  • Project Oversite/Inspection;
  • Material Testing in Accordance with Industry Standards;
  • Progress Meetings and Status Reports;
  • Payment Estimates and Change Orders;
  • Submittal and Shop Drawing Review;
  • Project Close-out.

Recent Construction Administration Projects