Funding Procurement and Administration

TD&H Engineering assists the communities we work with through all phases of their projects, starting with project development and planning through procurement of funding and funding administration. Finding grants and loans to fund projects is one of the biggest challenges facing communities today. Our certified grant administrators (i.e. paperwork gurus) and engineers (i.e. technical geeks) work together to prepare competitive applications that provide the link between the technical aspect of a project to the realistic budget and funding agency requirements, which result in project success. Our certified grant administrators understand the nuances of successful funding applications as well as the requirements of a wide-variety of funding agencies during construction.

Many projects require the issuance of bonds to secure loan funds. This requires a successful bond election by the community. TD&H Engineering is proud of our track record working with communities to develop a public information strategy to keep the community informed and make the passing of a bond issue come to fruition. Our marketing department produces project brochures, press releases, informational websites, social media campaigns, and meeting exhibits that convey engineering issues in easy-to-understand language.

TD&H Engineering also prepares quality, competitive Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs) that complement strong grant applications. Because of our thorough understanding of the specific grant requirements for each grant program, we tailor the PERs to the grant program ranking criteria that result in competitive higher scores.

TD&H Engineering has provided grant preparation and administration services for our clients for many years. We’ve successfully secured all of the traditional and non-traditional funding programs including: the Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP), Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Renewable Resources Grant/Loan Program (DNRC RRGL), Department of Agriculture Rural Development (RD) grant and loan program, Predevelopment Planning Grant (PPG), and the Montana, Washington, and Idaho State Revolving Fund loan programs for both water and sewer projects. We have also assisted municipalities with obtaining Federal Appropriation grants through the Water Resource Development Act (WRDA) program as well as funding for bridge and roadway projects through Federal Highways Administration and Montana, Washington, and Idaho transportation departments.

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Services Include:

  • Certified Grant Administration
  • Funding Procurement
  • Planning Grants
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports

Recent Funding Procurement and Administration Projects

  • Glenview and Apple Valley Sewer Designs

  • Water System Treatment Facility, Town of Ione, WA

  • CSKT Renovation Projects

  • City of Culdesac Water System

  • Great Northern Rail Trail

  • Hungry Horse Water System Improvements