Materials Testing

Owners benefit from the effectiveness of construction materials testing services in assuring the quality of construction.  The only way for owners to be sure the construction they are paying for is the construction they are getting is to perform inspection and testing, including testing of the construction materials.

Contractors benefit from construction materials testing services when they want to document the quality of their work.  Construction materials testing data can quell disputes and litigation before they begin.  Skillful use of materials testing data during construction can also enable contractors to determine the optimum combination of machinery and methods to achieve the specification, thus eliminating redundant work or the need to redo certain operations.

Engineers benefit from the assurance construction materials testing services help to provide that their designs are built as intended.  Overly conservative designs often result from the track record of structures built taking “shortcuts” that deviated from the original design.  Materials testing can also reveal when conditions vary from those anticipated, providing the designer with the earliest possibly notification when a design change may be necessary.

Field testing not only provides insurance against future disputes over quality of workmanship, but can also provide a means of increasing efficiency in achieving the project requirements.  Overall cost savings result from efficient, responsive testing.

Concrete, Asphalt and Soils Testing

TD&H offers engineering and testing services to our clients to confirm the quality of concrete and asphalt mixtures as well as construction materials and methods used in their projects.  Our engineering technicians are trained to provide documentation of concrete and asphaltic mixtures as well as construction materials, and to monitor workmanship and material conformance to project specifications.  Our involvement helps prevent deviations that can affect the quality or compromise the design of the project.

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Services Include

  • Asphalt Testing
  • Concrete Field Testing
  • Soils Testing
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Grout & Mortar Testing
  • Rebar Inspection
  • Mix Designs

Recent Materials Testing Projects

  • Orthopedic Center

  • Agri-Processing Facilities

  • Petrochemical Facility

  • Grain Load Facilities

  • 4th St. Parking Project

  • Potlatch No. 1 FCU Building

  • Water Main Extension/Upgrade

  • Birch Point & City Beach Sewer Lift Stations

  • Jette Meadows Water & Sewer District

  • Super 1 Foods Store

  • MSU- South Fieldhouse Parking Lot Improvements

  • MSU- Harrison Street Reconstruction

  • Yellowstone National Park Dormitories

  • Central Energy Plant

  • 10th Street Water Main