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Brady County Water & Sewer District

The Community of Brady was unable to meet state disinfection byproducts limits for their water treatment system, requiring them to update their water treatment plant or find a new source of water. In addition, Brady’s distribution mains and water storage tank were old and needed to be replaced. TD&H prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to meet state and federal grant funding requirements and was successful in obtaining grants to fund the project. The project replaced all distribution mains in Brady, constructed a 125,000 gallon elevated water storage tank, as well as constructed a chlorination/metering building and bulk water filling station.

Brady’s sewer collection system was leaking and beyond repair. Their facultative lagoon system did not meet State standards and was not lined. TD&H prepared a PER which provided the community with a feasible and long-term solution for Brady. Improvements included replacement of all mains and manholes, biosolids removal, lagoon cell and piping modifications, cell liners, and the design of a solar-powered irrigation system for the disposal of the treated effluent.

TD&H provided the following specific services for Brady for their infrastructure projects:

– Preliminary Engineering Report
– Environmental Assessments
– Pre-Construction permitting
– TV Inspection of Sewer Lines
– Planning Grant & Construction Grant Preparation
– Preliminary & Final Design with Submittal to DEQ<
– Preparation of Plans, Specifications & Bidding Documents
– Easement Research & Preparation
– Boundary Adjustments & Certificates of Survey (COS)
– Construction Staking
– Materials Testing
– Grant Administration throughout the Design and Construction Period
– Construction

Posted on February 5, 2015

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