Employee Spotlight: Kyle Palagi

Helena (formerly Great Falls), MT Office

  1. How did you first learn about TD&H?
    “I’ve been working in the engineering industry since I was a freshman in college and TD&H has always had a strong reputation in the region. I guess you’d say I first knew TD&H as a competitor. “
  2. What is your role at TD&H?
    “Structural Engineer and Project Manager.”
  3. Before working at TD&H, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
    “I used to delivery beer to all the bars and stores in Butte (hometown). I found this to be a great way to meet people. Everybody loves the beer guy!”
  4. What are 3 words to describe TD&H?
    “Integrity, Commitment, Quality.”
  5. What do you find the most challenging at TD&H?
    “The diverse projects and ever-changing industry require that we stay up to date on the latest technical advancements.”
  6. What do you like most about TD&H?
    “Without a doubt, the thing that makes TD&H the best place to work is the Culture. TD&H has created a culture that values each individual employee and is supportive of creating a good work/life balance.”
  7. What drew you to TD&H originally? And how has TD&H changed since?
    “I love that TD&H is a big company when it comes to resources and opportunities, yet we retain the feel of a small organization that cares about family, community, and the individual employees.”
  8. What is your favorite part about working for TD&H?
    “All the great people I get to work with daily. It is truly the people that make this an enjoyable place to build a career.”
  9. How do you balance your career at TD&H, education and family?
    “Like a juggling act! Sometimes life gets pretty busy between the demands of work and family. Thankfully, TD&H is very supportive and flexible.”
  10. Any favorite line from a movie?
    “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it” … “I am haunted by waters.” – Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through it
  11. What do you like to do on your days off?
    “I love to share the great outdoors with my family (hiking, camping, fishing, etc). I also love music and am currently learning the violin/fiddle. “
  12. What is the first concert you attended?
    “The Beach Boys! I was seven and my dad tried to win tickets by playing a hula hoop contest for a local radio station. Whoever could hula hoop the longest won the tickets… he didn’t win but he bought tickets for the two of us anyway.”
  13. If you could be stuck in an elevator with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be?
    “My grandparents (technically that’s 4 people but we would fit), the conversation would be extra fun if we could squeeze in a card table and a cooler of beer.”
  14. Best advice you’ve ever been given?
    “Never stop learning.”
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