Employee Spotlight – Laurie Happ, Kalispell

LaurieHappChances are, if you have called TD&H office in Kalispell, MT, you have had the pleasure of speaking with Laurie Happ. She moved back “home” to Kalispell after living in Phoenix for 26 years and working for a large, nationwide general contractor. Hoping to find work again in the construction/building industry in Kalispell, she answered a newspaper ad and TD&H welcomed her as part of the team. She assists with general office tasks, whether it’s mailing out invoices, finalizing proposals, preparing bid tabs, or buying the much needed coffee for the office. What does Laurie like most about TD&H? Her coworkers; they are a small group. Also, she enjoys being “in” on the new projects happening around town. The architects, engineers and surveyors are the front line for what’s coming to town next!

Before working at TD&H, the most unusual/interesting job Laurie ever had was working as a Marketing Coordinator for McCarthy Building Companies. While there, she enjoyed chasing big jobs in a big market. She was also a summer camp counselor at a horse riding camp in Seeley Lake when she was just out of high school that she enjoyed.

Do you know what Laurie likes to do on her days off? No? Well we asked her and she told us “I love all things motorized. I am active in the local Jeep Club, so it’s fun to go adventuring off-road. I also like to take a road trip either on the motorcycle or Z car.” Other random tidbits about her include:

First Concert?

The Carpenters in the “big” city of Spokane with my dad. I think I was 12

If you were stuck in an elevator with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Don Henley, Larry Fitzgerald, Charlie Hunnam

Favorite move quote?

“Badges??? We don’t need no stinking badges!”  – Blazing Saddles

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Be accountable. Whether it’s in your job description or not, if you see something that you can help with, do it. Nothing is beneath you.

Pet Peeves?

Bad drivers!

Best Vacation?

Hawaii! Last trip there I was able to get my mom to see Pearl Harbor. It was something that was on her bucket list

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