Employee Spotlight


Meet Paul Hopkins….Principal Structural Engineer, VP and Regional Office Manager for TD&H’s Media, PA office. He first came across TD&H in 2007 while searching for a structural engineering firm in Lewiston, ID when he and his family were moving from Scottsdale, AZ. At that time TD&H-Lewiston didn’t have a structural department and Paul was up to the challenge in developing that market and expanding TD&H’s overall structural service. In 2010 Paul left TD&H to concentrate on his Ph.D., which he started at the University of Idaho in 2009. At the same time he continued to provide consulting structural engineering through his newly formed company and taught structural engineering classes at the University of Idaho.

Paul worked diligently at his practice and his research and eventually completed the Ph.D. in August, 2015. There is a delicate balance between having a career, furthering your education, and staying connected to your family, and he did it. Throughout the entire process Paul always made time for his wife and three sons and enjoys camping and fishing and trips to the Jersey shore.

When asked about the most unusual or interesting job he’s ever had prior to working at TD&H, Paul described his time working at Boeing in their Dynamic Components-Structural Integrity Group in Mesa, AZ. He was designing the new Improved Tail Rotor Blade for the Apache Attack Helicopter, and this was the first composite tail rotor blade design for the rotorcraft, which used an aluminum blade the previous 40 years.

Little known facts about Paul:

  • 1. His first concert was Elton John & Billy Joel dueling piano players in 1993.
  • 2. Favorite movie line: “It’s all ball bearings these days” – Fletch
  • 3. If he was stuck in an elevator with any 3 people, dead or alive, he would choose: Jimmy Page so he could play us some music, George Carlin so he could tell us some jokes, and Elisha Graves Otis so he can fix the elevator and get us out of there.
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