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New Machine in the Great Falls Construction Materials Testing Lab!

The Great Falls laboratory recently acquired a Humboldt Digital MasterLoader load frame to replace a number of older out dated pieces of equipment throughout our lab.  This unit has built-in four-channel data logging capabilities and is capable of performing a wide variety of laboratory testing in which load, strain, and other data parameters need to be collected.  It can be used as a standalone unit or linked to a computer for a fully computer-controlled testing system.  At this time, TD&H is utilizing this machine for all asphalt flow and stability (ASTM D6927), California Bearing Ratio (ASTM D1883), unconfined compression of soil (ASTM D2166), and unconfined compression of flowable fill (ASTM D4382).  The unit is easily controlled to meet a wide variety of testing parameters with motor speeds which can be varied from 0 to 3 inches per minute, a max load capacity of 10,000 pounds, and the ability to collect load and displacement readings at intervals as low one per 0.1-second.  With the purchase of additional equipment, this machine could someday be utilized for triaxial shear testing should TD&H choose to pursue this higher level of geotechnical analysis.

IMG_6240 (Medium)

If you have any specific questions regarding this machine, its abilities, or how it will benefit your projects, please contact either Craig Nadeau or Cheyney Lorenz at 406.761.3010.

Posted on November 4, 2014

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