Brady Water and Wastewater System Improvements

The community of Brady could not meet state disinfection byproduct limits for their water treatment system, requiring them to either update their water treatment plant or find a new source of water. Brady’s sewer collection system was leaking, their lagoon system was not lined, and did not meet State standards. TD&H prepared a PER for water and wastewater to meet state and federal grant funding requirements, and successfully obtained grants to fund the much-needed water and wastewater system improvements. With grant funding secured, TD&H designed and provided construction administration for an entirely new sanitary sewer collection treatment system for Brady. The wastewater improvements included lagoon reconfiguration and lining as well as the addition of solar powered irrigation system designed for disposal of the treated effluent. A small concrete pump house adjacent to the lagoons houses the controls for the two PV-direct solar pumps. Two solar panel arrays provide enough power to irrigate the alfalfa fields surrounding the lagoons.