Rolfson Oil Environmental Services

Rolfson Oil occupied two very old bulk plants on either side of a grain elevator in Watford City, North Dakota.  Both sites had soil and ground water contamination as well as outmoded equipment that hampered the company’s ability to meet the demand for fuel during the Bakken boom.  TD&H worked with Rolfson and system vendors to develop a new site south of town with a capacity of 5,714 barrels (240,000 gallons) that meets the requirements of EPA regulation 40 CFR 112 and applicable codes.  TD&H performed the environmental site assessment, surveying, geotechnical investigation and design, civil design, structural design, and prepared the spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plan.  TD&H performed construction quality control testing and assisted with permitting.

Once operations moved to the new facility, TD&H assisted Rolfson Oil in addressing the soil and ground water contamination at the old sites.  In situ remediation using enhanced biodegradation was selected as the most effective option for addressing contamination extending into the Tobacco Garden Creek Aquifer.  This remedial alternative has been implemented, and contaminant plumes at the two properties are shrinking.  Work is proceeding to reach site closure from the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

Client Name

Rolfson Oil

Job Site Location

Watford City, ND