Taco John’s

The current Taco John’s site had been used as an automotive service station for many years and sat idle for a considerable time due to subsurface contamination. TD&H worked with Montana Taco Vendors to redevelop the site as a restaurant. Subsurface investigation combining geotechnical and environmental data acquisition saved both time and expense during site redevelopment. TD&H has an ongoing role at the site monitoring natural attenuation of the remaining petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.
The Taco John’s site, like many sites TD&H environmental personnel have worked on, has required constant communication with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The property owner hired TD&H to address the requirements presented in a letter he received from the DEQ regarding subsurface contamination. TD&H prepared a work plan for site remediation in conjunction with site redevelopment, including schedules and budgets for the various work components. This work plan was reviewed by the DEQ case manager and the Petroboard. TD&H kept the DEQ case manager updated during the course of the construction and modified the work plan when unexpected conditions were encountered. Cost and time savings were realized due to TD&H’s ability to perform both the environmental and construction materials testing portions of the work, often simultaneously. Additional work plan elements were added for ground water and soil vapor monitoring. TD&H prepared all the Petroboard reimbursement applications for the owner.

Client Name

Montana Taco Vendors

Job Site Location

Great Falls, MT