Town of Manhattan Engineering Services

TD&H is the Town Engineer for the Town of Manhattan. For 15 years, TD&H has provided services including:

  • Wastewater PER that will include approximately $30M of improvements.
  • Sewer Collection System Master Plan to ensure long-term planning is addressed for future development and ensures sewer lines are sized appropriately to prevent upsizing in the future.
  • Wastewater collection system PER (2016), design, grant funding, and construction administration of $1.5M worth of trunk main improvements to increase system capacity and remove I&I from the Downtown area to the Town WRF.
  • Developed WRF PER in 2020 (with procured planning grant) to further address system deficiencies and replace priority mains. Currently applying for a federal grant package to fund the proposed project.
  • Provided design of construction plans and specifications for over 5,000 feet of sewer main rehabilitation. The project posed many design constraints including hazardous material removal, tight working spaces, utility conflicts, and significant permit requirements.  Procured bid phase and construction management resources.
  • Coordination among developers and engineers of adjacent projects to ensure continuity.
  • Reviewed subdivisions and made recommendations for platting conditions that protect the public interest.
  • Prepared Manhattan’s Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings.
  • Prepared Manhattan’s Design Standards Guide that specifies the criteria for designing streets, storm drains, sewers, and water mains for all Public Works projects.
  • Designed and submitted plans to the Department of Environmental Quality for Town projects.
  • Construction testing and oversight of contractors constructing Public Works projects for private developers.
  • Reviewed water metering services as baseline data to establish impact fees.
  • Procured a $200,000 energy grant for lighting and other energy upgrades.
  • Prepared plans to upgrade the Booster Station, backup power and replace distribution lines.