UPGF Storm Water Detention Pond

TD&H provided design services for a storm drain study encompassing nearly 1000-acre basin in south Great Falls. The project included a comprehensive model of the contributing basin, inclusive of future development. Trunk mains, detention basins, modified street grading and various inlets improvements were recommended to alleviate recent flooding events. The modeling program, Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) is the next generation to the traditional SWMM software. Project recommendations include large diameter and redundant trunk main installation, improvements to an existing detention pond, construction of two additional surface overflow detention ponds and several minor pipe and inlet upgrades. The Multiuse Athletic Field and Intermittent Storm Water Detention Pond is a successful example of municipal infrastructure performing multiple functions. The pond provides flood relief during storms, yet it is normally an athletic facility. The project exemplifies the benefits of creative collaboration between engineers, municipalities, and private land owners.

This project won the Grand Project from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Montana (2017).