Road Reconstruction

Location: Metaline Falls, WA
Client: Town of Metaline Falls
TD&H helped the Town of Metaline Falls obtain $825,000 from the Transportation Improvement Board for the project. Our services included topographic and boundary surveying, right-of-way acquisition, civil engineering, bidding assistance, construction administration, and construction inspection. Pend Oreille Boulevard reconstruction included 0.5 mile of pulverization of the existing street, adding and blending three inches of gravel, shaping and grading of the subgrade, and paving two and a half inches of HMA. Lehigh Circle included intersection reconstruction of SR-31 and right-of-way acquisition and complete removal, realignment, and replacement. Park Street sidewalk along the elementary school was replaced from 3rd Avenue to 4th Avenue due to a large crack running the entire length of the sidewalk resulting from poor subgrade preparation. Additional improvements included compliance with current ADA standards, curb and gutter, and drainage improvements.

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