Geotechnical Engineering
Every structure ultimately rests upon the earth.  The natural complexities of geology can have serious impacts on the cost, usability, and safety of structures.  Geotechnical Engineering is that branch of civil engineering which focuses on the engineering behavior of earthern materials and the impact that the subsurface conditions will have on the proposed project.  TD&H tailors the scope of the investigation to your project needs.  The number and type of borings or excavations and analysis methods provide a balance between the amount of geologic information obtained and the project budget and schedule constraints.  Geotechnical investigations obtain subsurface soil data and samples required for laboratory testing.

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Geotechnical Services Include:

Our experienced and capable geotechnical engineers can assist with a wide range of projects, including:

  • Construction
  • Deep Foundation Systems Evaluation of Potential Settlement & Heave
  • Soil Improvement Methods
  • Design & Evaluation of Pavements for Airports, Roadways, & Parking Lots
  • Design & Evaluation of Railroad Systems
  • Ground Water Studies
  • Dam Safety & Construction
  • Slope Stability Monitoring & Analysis

Our engineers are experienced with the use of advanced investigation methods, monitoring equipment, and analysis software available within the field including:

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Monitoring Well Installation & Testing
  • Slope Inclinometer Installation & Monitoring
  • Geophysical Investigation Methods
  • Field Resistivity Testing
  • Variety of Software Packages


Recent Geotechnical Projects

  • Whitefish Trails

  • Browning High School

  • Powwow War Dance Pavilion

  • Orthopedic Center

  • Barretts Minerals Regal Mine

  • S. 19th –Babcock to Kagy

  • Steel, Etc.

  • US 93 Road Design

  • Petrochemical Facility

  • MSAT Project

  • Electric City Soccer Complex

  • Riverside Railyard Skatepark

  • S. 19th-Babcock to Kagy

  • South of Ravalli to Medicine Tree

  • Container Dock Crane Foundation