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Why Hire a Landscape Architect?

Landscape Architecture is the bridge between the natural and built environment.  Landscape Architects aspire to create visually appealing and culturally meaningful places.  Landscape Architects have extensive training and education that provides us the technical expertise to understand the function of both the natural and built environments and the artistic design techniques that allow us to honor the land and enhance the human experience.  Historically, Landscape Architecture has been considered a profession that is sensitive to the environment; today Landscape Architects are considered leaders in the development of livable communities.  We strive to promote sustainable, low impact, fun spaces that consider surrounding and natural environments.

Landscape Architects collaborate closely with various design professions such as architecture, engineering and horticulture, we speak a common language that integrates projects into their environments.  Similarly to architects or engineers we develop conceptual drawings, construction documents, and specifications that dictate the allocation, arrangement, and construction of land elements and water resources.

The Landscape Architecture team at TD&H Engineering specializes in simple, innovative design solutions for a wide range of projects including planning, landscape architecture, design, and construction management services.  The focus is leading edge sustainable design built on client service and satisfaction. TD&H Engineering’s design philosophy is collaboration in the early stages of the project that engages clients along with project design professionals including Architects, Engineers and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for any project.  This team approach creates a fluid, dynamic design and planning process that elevates project expectations and outcomes.

 What do landscape architects do? (

Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the natural and built environments. Among the types of projects they produce are: 

  • Academic campuses
  • Conservation
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Gardens and arboreta
  • Green infrastructure
  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • Hospitality and resorts
  • Institutions
  • Interior landscapes
  • Land planning
  • Landscape art
  • Monuments
  • Parks and recreation
  • Reclamation
  • Residential
  • Security design
  • Stormwater management
  • Streetscapes and public spaces
  • Therapeutic gardens
  • Transportation corridors
  • Urban design

 How many landscape architects are there in the United States?  (

The U.S. Department of Labor in 2008 (most recent count) identified 26,700 employees in the landscape architecture field.

 How many landscape architects are licensed? (

Approximately 16,000 landscape architects are licensed. Licensure is required in all 50 states to be identified as a “landscape architect” and in 47 states to practice landscape architecture.

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Posted on January 6, 2014

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